Are you flirting with me?

It is a piece of cake to tell when someone is flirting with you, once you know what to look for. The idea is, when that cute guy is interested in you, he will sub-consciously do certain things and act in a particular way. The best way to tell he’s flirting with you is by looking out for those signs and voila! You’re all set to flirt back!

So now what are these signs of flirting? Well first of all look for the most obvious signs – him trying to constantly look at you across the room or her trying to catch your eye, lowering her lashes and then looking back at you. If in conversation, try to notice if he messes with his hair around you, smiles a lot and holds your gaze for longer than he does with others. If you’re a guy, then look out for the same and also see if the person is constantly fidgeting or twirling something – a straw, strand of hair, a ring on her finger. All these signs show a slightly excited/nervous state which says that she is interested.

When someone flirts with you, he will try to make you laugh, especially if that someone is a guy. A basic flirting strategy is to try telling the good old jokes. They will at least get you a smile and let the other person appreciate your effort. Girls, if the guy seems to look at you head to toe slowly and then flashes you a 100 watt smile, he is definitely flirting with you.

Guys, if the girl you’re eyeing has been smiling at you a lot over her shoulder, it is a very obvious flirting ploy. A cute little wink, out of the blue, from her is surely her trying to flirt with you. For both, sincere compliments are also sweet and simple flirting hints. So if she/he has been telling what a beautiful skin you have, he/she has been flirting with you!

If you do figure out that a member of the opposite sex is flirting with you, feel flattered. If you don’t want to return their flirting, it is fine. Just make sure you don’t get rude and turn them down in a mean way or laugh at them. Remember, others are watching and they’ll feel too intimidated to approach you. Be nice and tell them you’re not interested and maybe introduce them to a friend who might feel differently.

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