Flirting tips for first dates

After a lot of thinking and some innocent flirting, you’ve finally got that date. The first rule of first dates is you leave a good impression. So make sure you’re not late, choose a relatively open and crowded atmosphere like a pub, restaurant or a movie. On a first date, never do an only-for-two thing, it gets a little disconcerting for your date.

Make some effort to dress a bit better than your daily casual outfit. An easy rule to follow on first dates is to find one thing to compliment your date on; be it her fashion sense or his really amazing cologne. The cardinal dating tip is to keep your kinks and other weird likes to yourself on a first date. Tattoos, body piercings, weird hair colors and torn punk clothes should be reserved for other dates, once you’ve gotten to know the other person better.

Conversations on first dates can go around daily topics, news and most importantly: her/him! Ask questions, learn to know your date. Soon you’ll find what things you have in common and this way you’ll both get more topics for discussion too.

Flirting is fun and can be really suggestive without getting overly sexy which might turn your date off. Dating tip: keep your flirting light and easy. Too many questions or too many hints will just result in a cold, uncomfortable silence. Closing in space between you two is good, but respect personal space rules. Don’t get too close for comfort or they might get alarmed and clam up.

Tell jokes, toast your drinks to your date, relax and don’t be afraid to be yourself. You’ve already learnt to flirt by getting the date, now is the time to move on to more personal conversation. Discuss movies, music, sports, anything that you both are interested in. The idea is to sell yourself as a smart, knowledgeable and fun person.

At the end, if you want to see the other person again, make sure you end with a ‘it’ll be nice to hear from you again’ or ‘let’s do (insert common choice of activity) this next time!’. This puts across your inclination of seeing them again. If they like you back, they’ll smile and consent. If not, you can always use your super flirting skills to get them to say yes.

The idea of a first date is to flirt and check how compatible you both are. That said, remember you’re already a star since you managed to get that date. Be happy, be comfortable and act natural and you’ll have a successful date. Go flirt on!

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