Learn body language

Body language is what we use almost subconsciously to hint at a lot of things that we want to say or do. Flirting, being a subtle art of love, can therefore be called communication through body language. There are some flirting tips that you can use if you know what things the body can say without getting too obvious. Doing those moves consciously can help you flirt with more awareness.

For example, when we like someone, our toes, face and/or body usually tends to point at them. This is a move we are not even aware of most of the times. Eye contact is another important flirting maneuver. When we are attracted to someone, our blink rate also goes up and our pupils dilate. Another smart flirt trick is to increase your blink rate deliberately when meeting someone attractive. They will subconsciously try to match your blink rate which will induce attraction!

When we first see someone we like or are attracted to, we unknowingly raise an eyebrow as acknowledgment which is returned by them if they feel the same way. We almost never see it as it lasts only for a mere 5th of a second! While flirting, raise your eyebrow to someone you find attractive and hold it for a little longer so to make it more overt. This will definitely communicate your intention without you having said anything at all!

Touching someone on their arm or let while gesturing or talking to them creates intimacy. This feeling of closeness is also created by the flirt technique of mirroring actions. That does not mean that you start mimicking everything your date is doing. The focus is on making the other person feel more comfortable around you. Since we feel relaxed around people who are more like us, this flirting move helps ease them up.

Body language should usually be interpreted in clusters. I.e. if you see 3-4 behavior patterns reflecting the same emotion, then accept it. Often misinterpretation happens as we choose to ignore certain body statements and concentrate on others. So take your time and read the signs slow and easy. You will find your flirtatious self, surrounded by dates in no time at all!

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