Stand Out of The Crowd with Flirting

So you go to a bar and notice a really pretty woman on the stool next to you. Don’t you wonder how to get her to look at you? What you need is flirting: a good smile, a calm relaxed attitude and definitely no potty pick-up lines!

If you are single and looking, a very cool flirting tip is to carry props. Props are basically extra showy or catchy accessories that make very good conversation gambits. It also helps the other person chat with you using your ‘prop’ as an excuse. A large stone ring, lots of bling-bling, an intellectual looking thick book (you don’t have to read it, just carry it for the effect!)- All make good flirting props. Learn to look for such frills on the other person as well. You could start by complimenting him on it and then move on to phone numbers!

A good flirt also knows one another important thing: how to break the ice. For first-timers, remember that the best start to a successful encounter is to ask that first critical question smartly. You can do this by asking open-ended questions. For example ‘what’s the time’ is not really original. On the other hand, ‘I have wanted to buy that MP3-player for so long! How’d you rate it?’ You will probably get her to say more words than you did. Thus, a conversation has been struck.

To get noticed you don’t have to stand atop a table. It’s enough to just do one thing really well or show interest in something that you think your crush is interested in. Take jive lessons and go show off at the local dance club; women love to dance and flirt. Or keep looking over flirtatiously at the title of the book he’s reading. He will definitely return it and then you can confess that you’ve been thinking about reading it and then launch into a bookish discussion.

It is easy to go on about tips to flirt and how to not be single anymore, but the best thing is to just be natural and to reply on instinct. If you don’t feel good about something, ditch it – there are loads of fish in the sea! Keep your wits about you and cultivate your impulsive nature, that’s what good flirting consists of!

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