Tips for flirty style

We all know what it is like to go on THE DATE. Butterflies in the stomach, flush on the skin, and smile on lips – all these add up to your charm. But it is also very important to dress up well. A good flirt always makes an effort to look nice for the other person.

A well-groomed and dressed woman or man always draws positive attention. A decent but slightly flirtatious look works well on an important date. Floaty, misty scarves, a chunky wristwatch, clean shoes – all work in your favor on a date. Let’s take a look at a few clothing issues that you might want to consider before going out on a date and make sure that you feel completely comfortable with your attire while on your flirting mission.

For men: Casual shirts or tees teamed with your least dirty pair of jeans will do the trick. Don’t stuff yourself into a suit if you feel too overdressed in it. You can add your own signature to it with a studded bracelet or a funky looking watch. Make sure your shoes are clean and polished. If you want to show off your feet in cool sandals, make sure you’ve just gotten a pedicure; women feel repulsed by dirty-yellowed toenails. Flirting is all abut being natural, but make sure you use a deodorant; underarm patches are not endearing. Save your football jersey, signed by all your mates in the last season, for another date; now is not the time to show your wacky side. Tattoos are cool, but some people might not like it. So unless you’re sure about her preferences, keep them under wraps for now.

For women:
The idea is to flirt on your date, not spend all your time fixing your clothes, hair and make-up. Therefore, make sure your clothes fit well and don’t hang of your shoulders or squeeze you too much; they won’t make you look thinner. Think elegant, casual, flirty and not sleazy or over-the-top. Red nails look really sexy, but on be careful not to over-do your look. Jeans and a dress top with heels set you for any occasion, any place. Make-up is to accentuate, not cake your face and make you look like what you’re not. Also you don’t want it to run or get patchy at a crucial moment. Your hair should look neat and tidy. Too much hair spray or mousse might give your date a nasty shock, should he try to run his fingers through your hair! Earrings and a necklace or two is cool; more might look tacky. A hint of cleavage is good; a too-small size is a definite no! Flirt with colors and clothes and remember, when in doubt, less is always better than a lot (and I don’t mean clothes!).

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