Rejuvenate your relationship

You’ve obviously heard of people going on a second honeymoon. They say it helps to bring back the spice in their relationship. And they are probably right: Relationships that have lasted quite for sometime, tend to get little boring at times. It is important to recognize the problems in your relationship as well as to work to come over them. However, it doesn’t always have to be something spectacular and expensive what you have to do to rejuvenate your love. Remember how nice it used to be when he brought you flowers? Or when she leaved naughty messages to your cell phone? Or when you were together, how intensively you concentrated just on each other?

You can experience it all over again by starting to flirt with your spouse or long-term girlfriend. Since you already know them well, you know what makes them tick. Refresh your memory and pleasantly surprise them with a well-thought gift. If she likes sunflowers, leave a trail of them leading to two tickets for that new movie she wants to watch. Leave little suggestive notes in places that they’re sure to find them in; make sure they aren’t conventional. How about slipping a flirtatious hint in her boots or his wallet? Wrap a piece of chocolate mint in his handkerchief along with instructions as to where he could find more. A little anticipation never hurt anyone but it can surely get him to hurry back to you!

When you both are together, an element of newness can redefine your love life! Learn to flirt with daily chores. Do them together on the condition that whoever finishes first gets one wish which the other can’t deny. It will definitely get your work done faster and show him/her your flirty side. Comprise your dinner, one particular night, of only finger foods and feed each other. Your relationship will suddenly feel more close and refreshed!

Make your partner feel special when you are in a company, for example in a party. Wink at each other from across the room or caress them lightly when you think no one’s watching. Playing footsie under the table is as flirty as it can get.

Old or young, all relationships need a touch of flirting to keep them alive and kicking. To flirt with your partner works like an affirmation that you still like them and find them attractive. Keep it fresh, keep it flirty, for the sake of your relationship.

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