Flirting Basics: The Rule of Three C’s

No pain, no gain. Pretty accurate don’t you think? And moreover – no flirting, no dating! There are lots of written material about flirting. Books, manuals and guides can be a good sources of ideas, but one of the simplest way to learn to how to charm the opposite sex is by watching the best of them in action. But first, you need to be able to handle the pressure. Your best bet is the ‘Three Cs’ rule.

1. Cool
Learn to be cool. Don’t fumble, don’t falter and definitely no stammers. Practice counting till five before answering any questions your to-be-date asks you. They’ll instantly be intrigued by your I-don’t-care-much-about-you attitude and yearn to learn more about you; over a cup of coffee! This will do wonders for your new flirty self.

2. Confident
Be sure of what you do. If you are eating a pie in cafeteria and it drips, don’t moan about your new sweater. Calmly pick up a napkin and mope up or have a quick visit to the washroom. If the waiter cannot find your reservation, patiently discuss about the ways the problem could be solved. Show how you handle awkward situations calmly and confidently – you will definitely give a good impression.

3. Charming
The idea of flirting is not to show grand overtures of love but to tease and please and show her/him what he/she is missing by not dating you. For guys – chivalry is still a huge turn-on. Women love to have their chairs held and doors opened. For girls – lower your lashes, move your hands gracefully, point your toes and when in doubt, just smile prettily. Guys still fall for it!

Anyone in this world can flirt and I mean anybody. Flirting is a beautiful way of showing the other person that you’re interested in them and that you are willing to go an extra mile to woo them. It is a fun process of drawing people closer, getting the spice back in a relationship or to get your spouse a little jealous of your social grace.

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